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Ambassador 2015

written by Dean Beaver 05/05/2015

Hi everyone,

First off i’d just like to thank Bunker Mentality for choosing me as an ambassador for the 2015 season.

For me the ‘Bunker’ brand and my own ‘mentality’ about the game of golf really do go hand in hand (pun intended).

My name is Dean Beaver and i am a golf professional based at a golf club in the North West that goes by the name of Ingol Village Golf club.                        Ingol Village is a members golf club but also offers readily available pay & play tee times.                                                                                                   The dress code employed here is what we would call relaxed, jeans & spikes in the club house are welcomed, an untucked shirt won’t be frowned upon and  for me this is the direction i see the game heading.

The club features all the regular aspects of a golf club but in a relaxed, comfortable environment, and it’s this environment that helps introduce new golfers in to the game which is what we need.

Day to day i run the professionals shop, i play when i can and coach in my golf studio regularly, we recently had an existing squash court converted into the    studio and this is where i can regularly be found helping all levels of golfer improve.

The studio features a large 16 foot putting green, Flightscope launch monitor simulation and video analysis, i love coaching with the launch monitor as it really does offer another means of communication with the student, it’s easier to relay information and it makes change even easier, i like to think of my coaching style as more fine tuning, i don’t coach a swing model, we are all different, the tour pros do it very different to each other and i firmly believe that there is no right or wrong way to swing a golf club in terms of the looks, i look for function first and foremost.

The golf studion doubles up as a custom fit centre of excellence for the Yonex & Orka golf brands, this year has been a good start with many of my club members getting on board with these brands, it’s great kit that just flat out performs, i myself have got the bug back for the season and Yonex have just sent me over a fresh set of clubs for the season, they are beauties!

Unfortunately I don’t get to play as much as i used to but at least when i’m on the course i’ll look the part with some cool Bunker Mentality threads and the finest japanese steel to wield about : )

I hope you all enjoy the posts and wish you all a prosperous 2015 season!


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