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Bunker Jam 2 – Fast Approaching

written by Team Bunker 16/08/2019

It’ll be soon time for our second annual Bunker Jam. But, if you weren’t one of the lucky ones that
played last year, you’ll probably be asking yourself “what on earth is this?”.
Put simply, Bunker Jam is our end of season party. By the time September rolls around, most people
have become disheartened with their game; they’ve had enough of the continuous pressure of
having a medal card in their hand and have forgotten the main reason that we all play golf – we go
out there to enjoy the game. Our aim for Bunker Jam is to take a normal 18 holes and switch things
up a bit.

The general format is straightforward and simple – play as a team of 4, with the 2 best scores to
count on each hole. However, we do encourage anyone to enter, so if you can’t pull together a team
of 4 then don’t worry, simply get your entry in and we’ll pair you up.

As soon as you step on the first tee, you’ll start to realise that this isn’t just any normal game of golf.
After a friendly greeting from our starter, we’ll set you on your way for 18 holes of fun, laughs and
banter…..here is what we have in store for you this year:

Bunker Mentality Bunker Jam Event

1. A nice straightforward hole with a nice straightforward stipulation – one person must be
nominated on the tee to score double points on that hole. But choose wisely, once that
person is nominated, you can’t change your minds. You just better hope that they don’t top
it off the tee, or find the water that protects the front of the green….

2. Step up to the second tee and you’ll find our designer Samara, who has created a little
challenge for you. Find the green on this long par 3 and you’ll be safe, but miss the green
and you’ll have to knock back one of her Bunker Blue Lagoon shots.

3. Hopefully you’ll have all hit the green and have a clear head for the third hole. This one is a
nice and straightforward Texas Scramble, so you’ll all tee off, pick the best shot, then all play
from where that ball lies. Just to avoid any confusion, there will be no strokes given on this
one, so you’re simply playing against the course.

4. Because we’re kind, we thought we’d take the decision making out of play of the 4th tee. On
the tee you’ll find a bag of golf balls, each one corresponding to a club in your bag.
Whichever ball you each pick out dictates which club you must tee off with, and there’s no
swapping if someone is lucky enough to use their driver.

5. We’ve become great fans of watching the European Tour’s 14 Club Challenge videos that we
thought we’d try and recreate it on this great little par 3. The first person to tee off selects
their club, once they’ve played, that club is now lost for the rest of their group. So for
example, the first person uses an 8 iron from the tee. Now, no one else in the group can use
an 8 iron. The smartest person is the one that races to the tee first….

6. How many of you are always keeping up with the latest club releases in search of that extra
couple of yards?! Well don’t worry about that here on the 6th as we’ve got a lovely selection
of old, wooden headed clubs for you to pick from! Be sure to capture your mates on video
here as the results are hilarious.

7. We feel like we’ve been fairly tough so far, so let’s give you a nice straightforward hole.
Once you’re on the green, we’re going to give you each a ‘gimme’……but be careful, this is
going to be determined by your handicaps. The lower your handicap, the closer you’ll have
to get your ball to the hole before its conceded.

8. The 8th is a great par 5, made even better when we’re only letting you use one club all the
way up. Make sure you pick wisely as there’s a few bunkers around, and you’re also going to
have to putt with your chosen club!

9. Don’t head straight to the tee on this one. Instead make your way down the fairway to find
the tee placed nicely in the fairway bunker. This is still being played as a par 4, so you’ve still
got a good chance. Take on the risk of getting close to the green and you mayb just reap the

10. We think that this is going to be your favourite hole of the day. Sponsored by a local
Nottingham brewery, your task is simple – find the fairway from the tee and you’ll be
rewarded with a nice cold beverage. Miss the fairway and unfortunately you’ll find yourself
going thirsty.

11. Now that we’ve tested your aim off the 10th tee….let us test it again once you’ve got a beer
inside of you! From the tee you’ll find a designated area in the fairway. The only rule for this
hole – you MUST play from inside the area. That means if you power one past it, you’ll be
wasting a shot by playing back up the fairway.

12. The 12th is another great par 3….. made more interesting by giving you a tennis ball to play
with. What could go wrong? The ball is bigger. It’s bouncy. That makes it easier right?

13. Foursomes is always the true test of golf, so we want to test you. Split yourselves off into
pairs and play the hole in alternate shots, and because we’re feeling generous we’ll give
everyone a stroke on this tough par 4.

14. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to beat our Bunker pro? If you can get your tee-shot inside
them from this elevated tee then you’ll be rewarded with the ego boost and double points
for the hole.

15. Nice and simple: you need to tee off with a putter, and then once you reach the green, you
need to putt with your driver. Don’t worry, we’ll supply a couple of putters so that you don’t
damage your own flat stick.

16. This is our PowerPlay hole. On the green will be two holes – you’ll have the regulation hole,
and then a more tricky one that could be on the edge of the green or on a nasty slope. You
have to nominate from way back on the tee which hole you’re going for – take the risk of the
PowerPlay hole and you’ll receive double points. This hole could end up deciding the
winner….or it could cost those with a good score! Choose very carefully

17. We all know that putting is the easiest part of the game right? Pick the line, judge the
weight, and rock the shoulders. What if we placed a blindfold on you? Don’t worry, the rest
of your team can line you up….or stitch you up!

18. You’ve survived the other 17 holes – well done!! Unfortunately, the fun and games aren’t
quite over yet. We’ve turned this tee shot into out Sports Equipment Challenge. On the tee
you’ll find a tennis racket, a baseball bat, a hockey stick and a cricket bat. Choose wisely
though as each piece of equipment must be used for each group.

So there you go. Nice and easy right? We’ll also have some spot prizes on the day too; we’re on the
lookout for the best dressed person on the day, as well as the best social media post so get tagging!
We might even throw in a Nearest the Pin on the 12th with the tennis ball…..to be honest some of
you might be better throwing the tennis ball from the tee.

After all that, you can all compare notes whilst tucking into some freshly cooked pizzas and
homemade sliders. I think by now you’ll need a nice cold one too just to recover!

Check out the video from Bunker Jam 1 or buy your ticket here

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