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Getting away with Golfing/Marriage suicide!!!

written by Neil Birnie 04/05/2016

I have just sent of the last of my entry cheques for 2016’s open competitions I must admit to having a fairly impressive list both in calibre and distance to travel. I have decided to name them below along with the distance to travel…My wife is not particularly happy but has been kind enough to delay our departure flight on Sunday 31st July till 4pm to allow me to play in the Royal Burgess Open!! what a woman.

Saturday 7th May – Newburgh-on-Ythan = 10miles

Saturday 14th May – Scotscraig Golf Club = 174miles

Sunday 22nd May – Nairn Dunbar = 162miles

Saturday 4th June – Royal Musselburgh = 300miles

Sunday 26th June – Downfield Golf Club = 166miles

Saturday 23rd July – Royal Dornoch = 280miles

Sunday 31st July – Royal Burgess = 274miles

These will take me to 47 of the top 100 in Scotland……I might make 50 this year or a divorce!!!.untitled3

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