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written by Bob Scott 28/04/2018

There is a view that “practice makes permanent“ and that can be a bad thing if you are reinforcing bad stuff….so I have been combining practice with lessons and playing on the course to try and incorporate the learning into my game.  With 3 prolapsed discs towards the base of my spine I am now having to adjust my expectations in my golf game – “hitting it” as hard as my painkillers will let me!  Anyone who has the same problem will know how much it can affect your game.

Armed with a new custom fit Cobra driver, I have been trying to overcome my cricketing past of slapping the ball over extra cover…..it takes time doesn’t it!  It seems that a 3/4 swing on the right plane hits the ball further and straighter than a full blown whooooosh!  And it’s far less painful.

Luckily the range and fitting centre at ABGolf in Thame is a short drive away from home.  All the training equipment –  Explanars, tracking technologies, decent mats and mostly Srixon balls.

And despite the cold, wind, rain interrupted briefly by a mini heatwave, my gear has kept me nice and warm.  I have even put away the bobble hat – at least for one or two photos!

And when the sun does come out it’s new season shirts, shorts and sun cream.  My box of S18 Ambassador gear arrived just in time for my latest tour up thru Staffordshire and onto Liverpool…but more on that in the next blog.




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