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Lloydigolf: Can He Hit More Fairways?

written by Team Bunker 28/06/2019

Bunker Ambassador and content creator Lloydigolf has been playing golf for a couple of yours and has well and truly got the bug.

If you’ve never heard of him he is the ‘Face of Amateur Golf’ he shows you the good, the bad and the fun side of golf we all deal with.

He’s finally decided it’s time to work on his game and start hitting more fairways to lower his scores. He turned to a PGA Pro that we all have heard of Rick Shiels. Rick is a teaching pro a golf Youtuber who create content around teaching, course vlogs and club reviews.

Here is Lloyd putting into practice one of Rick’s tutorials to show that his advice works!

Read all about us teaming up with Lloyd

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Instagram: @lloydigolf

Youtube: @lloydigolf

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