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Playing to handicap

written by Ryan Blackwell 27/07/2016

A golf handicap is a measure of your ability.  In short, a golf handicap is calculated as the average number of strokes above par a player is likely to score in a round of golf.

Each year I set myself a handicap target and so far I have managed to achieve my goal each year.  I am determined to make sure I hit my goal again this year.

I am playing to handicap most weeks however I know I can play better.  Last week I shot 1 over my handicap in competition.  I did not start the round very well and I finished with a triple bogey on the last hole so removing a few shots from a round should be achievable.

I feel I let myself down at times when I play in a competition.  I turn up not long before my tee slot, step on to the first tee and hope I am swinging well. If I were to get to the club a little earlier have a warm up and a practice then maybe I will be able to score better.

This weekend is medal weekend so perhaps I should give it a try.  The course is playing well at the moment and the weather has been great.  Let’s hope the sun is shining this weekend and I can tear it up!









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