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Waring Looking to Bounce Back from Injury

written by Team Bunker 27/07/2011
Waring Looking to Bounce Back from Injury

Bunker Mentality European Tour player Paul Waring has endured a frustrating season of late having been out of action since May through injury. Paul was with us last week as we did a photo shoot at the Nottinghamshire along with our LET pro’s and some to cool for school models!

As we took a break from all the ‘lights, camera, action’ I had a chance to catch up with Paul and find out about his injury and the operation to remove a piece of floating bone in his wrist. The injury is healing well and now he is in the early stages of rehab.

The injury came during the BMW championship at Wentworth. The day started fantastically well as Paul had the honour of teeing off the entire 4 day event. Wentworth came at a time when Paul’s game was starting to come together nicly:

“I was doing okay, I felt like I hadn’t actually started the season very well but my game was there and at the time it happened I really felt I was ready to push on.

“This just came out of nowhere, I’d practiced well and had played some good practice rounds so I came to Thursday feeling really good, I was two-under par through five holes and playing nicely.

“But after that it didn’t feel too good. When I hit a three-iron off the tee on the eighth I had this shooting pain from my hand all the way up my forearm and it was worrying. I tried to stretch it out as you do but I knew something wasn’t right. I hit a sand iron into the green which I semi-bladed and made par but on the ninth tee where you have to hit a driver I knew I had a serious problem, I had to walk off.”

“I had an ultra-sound at Wentworth and a few weeks later an MRI scan and they eventually found what it was. I had a bone in my hand that was knocking against another when I pushed the had back. As you do this in almost all golf strokes it was a major issue. Eventually, I had some key hole surgery and they took a piece off the bone and that seems to have worked. It’s healed up well and I just want to get back fighting fit now.”

Time away from game is an arduous one for any player but especially when injury stops any practice or playing in that competitive environment.For Paul however it is a time he’s using to catch up with friends and do the things he doesn’t usually get to do whilst being out on tour.

“I still go down the golf club and see everybody and maybe practice a bit of putting but it’s an opportunity I’ve never had to see friends and family. I’m taking this opportunity to do the things I want to do because more than likely it won’t come around again.”

After partnering Phil Mickelson in the 2008 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, Paul was secretly pleased to have his feet up at home watching the drama unfold on T.V.

“Obviously I would have loved to have been in the field but the weather looked dreadful but it was nice to be at home at watching it. I’ve played Royal St. George’s a couple of times and it’s a real tough stretch, I’d say one of the toughest on the Open rota. It’s the English version of Carnoustie which is famed for being tough.”

Weeks of continuing rehab and gaining strength back into the wrist lying ahead for Paul but he hopes to be back in action before the end of the year and play tournament golf.  A medical exemption from the tour means his tour card is safe for next year but he may go to qualifying school just to get that competitive edge back:

“I’m fine in terms of my card, the tour will see I’m doing all my rehab and things like that but it may come down to me entering a few Q-school events anyway just to start playing some golf again but we’ll see at the time I just want to concentrate on getting back fully fit and in shape.”

Everyone here at Bunker Mentality wish Paul a strong and full recovery and hope to see him back in action sooner rather than later.

Adam Smith

BunkerWorld Editor

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